Top alternatives to Chinese apps banned in India

Top alternatives to Chinese apps banned in India


The Government of India has now banned nearly 200 mobile apps originating from China. The list of banned apps and games include some big names like TikTok, WeChat, Clash of Kings, Likee, ShareIt, and UC Browser.

The official reason for the ban of these apps is the violation of user privacy and using them as malware and spyware. Whatever the case, you might want to switch to safer alternatives.

If you were using these apps in India, you might want to look for safer alternatives. We are listing the best alternatives to popular Chinese Android apps that have been banned in India.

Short video sharing platforms

There’s no direct alternative to TikTok, at least an alternative that’s safe and has no data privacy issues. However, you can use a mix of apps like Dubsmash, Instagram, Quik, and YouTube to make videos and post them. Dubsmash can be used to make lyrics videos, while Quik can be used to edit videos in high quality and special effects. Then, you can post those videos on Instagram and YouTube so that your followers and people on the web can view your videos.

Alternatives To APUS Browser, QQ Newsfeed

Some of the Chinese search-engine apps banned included UC Browser, CM Browser, DU Browser, and APUS Browser. Best alternatives for these include the ubiquitous Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Safari for Apple, and more.

Both Google Chrome and Opera offer similar features, and they’re both relatively safe in terms of data privacy. Opera offers additional features such as a built-in VPN, Ad blocking, ability to save passwords, and a better download manager.

Alternatives To Baidu Maps

Though Baidu Maps is banned by the Indian government, it never was popular among the citizens, as most of them bet on Google Maps for the best user-experience even compared to Apple Maps.

Google Maps is the perfect replacement for Baidu Map as Google’s mapping solution offers more detailed data, more points of interest, reliable navigation, and reviews for places.

Alternatives To Baidu Translate

If you’ve been using Baidu Translate for some reason, the safest alternative to it would be Google Translate. It supports dozens of languages and has a camera mode that can use OCR for converting printed text from one language to another. There’s Microsoft Translator, too, but Google’s language translation quality is slightly better than Microsoft’s.

Alternatives to WeChat

Popular messenger app WeChat also got banned in India. The best alternative includes WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal, among others.

Video calling apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Skype, and WhatsApp are much more reliable and safe when compared to WeChat. They come from respected developers and offer almost all the features that one expects from a modern video calling app.

News aggregators

Most of Chinese news aggregator apps come pre-installed in mobile phones. If you were using news apps like Newsdog and UC News, let us introduce you to even better apps.

Daily Hunt is an India-based app that offers news from various sources in one place. You can find news in multiple languages as well.

Google News uses AI to provide you with a comprehensive view of trending news stories, featuring content from news websites, Twitter, and YouTube.

Phone cleaner and other utility tools

These tools usually offer the service of clear cache memory, anti-virus, and make the phone work faster and last longer in terms of battery life. Some of the banned Chinese utility apps include Clean Master- Cheetah Mobile, DU Cleaner, DU Battery Saver, Virus Cleaner, Cache Cleaner DU App Studio.

These apps never needed a replacement and its better to have none as it saves lots of space in the phone, which itself makes the phone go light on RAM consumption and work faster.

If you don’t install APK files from untrustworthy sources, you won’t need a virus cleaner at all. A phone’s built-in antivirus and anti-malware app are good enough. However, if you’re being extremely careful, you can use Microsoft Defender ATP, something that was recently launched for Android smartphones. It is safe, fast, and reliable.

Alternatives To Bigo Live

Bigo Live offered features like making friends, streaming live videos, group video chat, and stickers. However, the central theme surrounds making new friends, and the best alternative to it would be Meetup. It is a safe and trusted platform to meet people who have the same interests as yours. There’s Bumble BFF, too, a mode inside the dating app Bumble. This mode allows you to make friends who share the same interests as you do.

Document scanner

Cam Scanner was one of the most popular apps to scan copies, images and convert them PDFs and vice-versa.

Cam Scanner is one of the most popular apps that have been banned in India. The best alternatives to Cam Scanner are Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens, and Scanbot. The Adobe Scanner is the best of the three, but not by a considerable margin.

All apps allow you to scan documents and images via your smartphone’s camera and save them in JPG or PDF file formats. Adobe Scan offers additional features like clearing imperfections and finding documents in your Gallery.

File transfer apps

China-based Xender and ShareIt apps are now gone off both the Google and Apple platforms. The best alternatives include Google’s own Files Go and AirDrop for iPhone. They work perfectly on each other’s ecosystem.

Video chatting apps

The Indian government has banned the popular Mi Video Call-Xiaomi. The best alternative for this is the Google Duo for Android and iPhone users with Google Account. For iPhone-to-iPhone, go for the FaceTime.

Alternatives To Mail Master, QQ Mail

There are various trusted email apps, and you don’t need to use apps like Mail Master and QQ Mail.

You can try out Gmail and Outlook first as these apps offer the most features, and they’re free. Email clients like Spark, Spike, and Twobird are for those who spend a lot of time interacting with emails. All these options are pretty trustworthy and safe.

Alternatives To Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena) game with close to 100 million users worldwide, and it has faced the brunt of the ban imposed by the Indian government.

If you want to play a game that’s similar, you should try out Vainglory. It’s a cross-platform MOBA game with beautiful graphics and amazing gameplay. It has various maps, modes, and heroes to choose from.

Alternatives To DU Privacy, Vault-Hide

Most smartphones offer built-in tools to hide sensitive documents, files, images, and videos. You can use those tools to keep your data safe.

However, if you feel the need to use a third-party app to hide sensitive documents, images, and videos, you should have a look at KeepSafe Photo Vault and Microsoft’s OneDrive. KeepSafe offers various features like PIN and fingerprint protection, themes, and cloud backup.

However, I would trust Microsoft’s OneDrive more than KeepSafe more. It has a Personal Vault where you can store almost any file, including driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, and more.

Alternatives To QQ Music

Currently, the best music streaming apps are Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. They offer a wide range of music in their collection and high audio quality.

All of them offer Google Cast integration and are compatible with various smart speakers. They also provide lyrics and downloading music for offline listening. Gaana and JioSaavn also offer good music collection.

Alternatives To QQ Player

VLC is the best video player for all Android devices. It supports music and video files, and it can play almost all types of video files. It supports multi-channel audio and subtitles as well. It is also open source and is light on resources. You don’t need any other video player if you have VLC on your device.

Alternatives To ShareIt

Files By Google is, by far, the most easily available and easy to use the app for quickly sharing files even when there’s no internet. You can share all types of files, view files in the file manager, and even clean junk files using Files by Google.

Alternatives To WeSync

WeSync is used to backup your data such as call logs, documents, texts, images, and videos. Most smartphone brands offer a built-in data backup solution, and you are better off using that rather than using third-party apps.

Alternatively, you can use Google Photos or Microsoft OneDrive to back up your images and videos. Call logs and texts can be backed up using Truecaller, while documents can be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft One Drive.

ES File Explorer

If you have been using the ES File Explorer app for managing the files on your phone, then the ban of this app in India could be sad for you. But, you don’t get to worry as you’ll get other apps on Google Play Store too. Files by Google is an app, which we are recommending to you again and again as it could be a good alternative to most apps.

Viva Video

Changing an app that you are using for a long time might be a bit hard. But, one should try new apps as you never know they might be better than those you’re using. Viva Video is an editing app for videos and photos. The option to this Chinese app is Adobe Rush, KineMaster, and Cyberlink PowerDirector.


Xender is an app for sharing music, videos, photos, and other things. This app has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. As this Chinese app is now banned in India, You could explore the “Files by Google” app for offline transfer and managing files.

What do you think of the apps that we’ve suggested as alternatives to the Chinese apps that have been banned by the Indian Government? Let us know your favorites in the comments section below.


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