Why are instant noodles curly?

Eating noodles for many years, but did you know these are the 4 reasons why the noodles must be bent?


Most of the instant noodle packages I have ever known are packaged in corrugated form, while spaghetti, egg noodle or instant noodle, noodle, or instant vermicelli are not. Is there a general rule or not? Why are instant noodles curled rather than straight?

The pasta stayed pretty curly after cooking, most likely because it wasn’t dried over a rack; it was just rested for a short time in flour-dusted clumps, the flour there to keep each noodle from sticking together.

To save packing space and more

Why are instant noodles curly?

During processing at factories, noodles are available in trays and then fried and packed. Make corrugated noodles to easily stack them, store more noodles in a small package. Instant noodle packages are usually very compact, body-hugging, not bulging, but users always feel full. This also saves on the packaging because the cost of instant noodles is often reasonable.

For convenient processing

Why are instant noodles curly?

Most instant noodles are fried well before packaging (except those that are marketed as non-fried). During the frying process, the noodles may expand (increase the area), creating ripples to help the noodle package expand easily at high temperatures.

For better storage and transportation

Most instant noodles are very crunchy. Therefore, they will be easily crushed under a strong impact. To minimize shredded noodles during transportation and reach the user, the noodles are made with ripples, compared to being straight.

Easy to cook and eat

Why are instant noodles curly?

The wavy noodles provide better air circulation, making the noodles easy to swell and dry quickly during processing. Instant noodles are fast and convenient, the wavy noodles make it convenient to eat, using a fork, chopstick, or spoon to eat. It is such a rippled shape that the eater is easy to pick up, it is not slippery like straight noodles.

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